“a seamless blend of 80’s Springsteen and The Replacements, with just touch of Tom Petty and whole lot of moonlit sidewalk swagger”

The Walks of Life are inspired by conversation—the words and emotions that surround and envelope us all each day, the meanings and reactions to interpersonal relationships on a real level. These words are the building blocks of their sound, allowing each chord, each sentence, each syllable to penetrate the gut and twist the heart with a unique blend of dark wave synth pop and golden era rock and roll.

Founded by Sam Marine in early 2019, the band is an extension of what Sam has continued to expand upon throughout his musical career—a marriage of electric harmony and relevant lyrics that lives, evolves, grows, and walks with us down every road. After cutting his teeth in the legendary Gainesville music scene, Sam ventured to New York and now Los Angeles, recording records along the way. Sam's recent release, Big Dark City (2017) gained critical acclaim—but it’s Sam's new project, The Walks of Life, which has him hitting his stride as a songwriter and visionary.

Sam's music is a constantly expanding map of personal evolution, destruction, and rediscovery. Build a sound. Tear it down. Rebuild with the most valuable pieces left, the things you can’t live without, then create and redefine. New directions. New lives. New Journeys. These are The Walks of Life.